large bills

Our drivers are urged not to carry excess change.  We will not make change for $100 bills.


As all of our deliveries are made to order, if an order has already been processed and in the oven, we will not make a cancellation.  If a cancellation is made or you refuse the order, you will be required to pay for said order before you are allowed to place another order.


As with any policy, exceptions might be made.

Credit Card orders

When paying by credit card; if you fail to answer the door and can not be reached by phone, your order will be left at your door and credit card charged.   A message will be left on your voicemail.

Delivery times

Our delivery times are estimates.  We try and get deliveries to our customers as soon as possible.  During peak hours delivery times may reach in upwards of an hour.

Orders over $50

Orders over $50 may be required to confirm on a credit card.  If you wish to pay cash at delivery time, the credit card transaction will be voided.

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