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large bills

  • For the safety of our drivers, they are NOT allowed to carry an excessive amount of cash. 
  • You may request change for a $50 bill while placing the order, but we can NOT guarantee that we will be able to compile. 
  • We will NOT make change for $100 bills.

online ordering

We DO NOT accept ANY online order!

If you place an order online it is fraudulent!

Card Payment by phone

Please if possible pay in person upon receiving your order. We are a very small store and have limited time we can spend on the phone with each customer.


Your card information is NEVER written down or recorded. Our employees directly enter your information into the machines. 

Phone Payment Exceptions-

  • Contactless Deliveries may run a card over the phone.
  • During peak hours the driver may have to call you back to run the card upon arrival over the phone. 
  • Orders over $50 must pre-pay by card before the order will be prepared.
    • If you wish to pay cash on these orders you must still pre-pay and upon arrival, the card will be voided.

Credit/Debit Card 


  • Therefore the majority of transactions are handled upon arrival.

  • We accept both Visa and Mastercard.

  • A receipt may be E-mailed after the completion of the transaction.
  • If an itemized/paper receipt is required please make the request on the phone while placing the order. 

  • Voided/Adjusted card payments take 3-5 days to apprear on bank statements.